3 reasons to never post about your legal matters on social media

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2022 | Personal Injury

Since the launch of social media apps, the way we share experiences and feelings with our friends is different. We no longer call friends for a chat or meet for a coffee; we post what we have going on in our lives on our socials. Live interaction has given way to virtual communication.

However, there is one thing that you should never share over social media: your legal matters. Here are three good reasons to keep your issues off your socials.

Your words can hurt you

Litigators can use anything they find on your social media against you in court. Your social media posts are allowable as evidence in Ohio. An ambitious attorney can take an innocent phrase, such as “I didn’t mean for that to happen”, and skew it into an admission of guilt in court, even when you meant something different.

Photos and videos are evidence as well

Ohio courts will also accept photos and videos copied from your social media accounts as evidence. Attorneys can use photos you post or videos you’ve taken to discredit you or “prove” your culpability in accidents and injuries.

“Erased” posts are never gone

You may delete a post from your socials, but do not believe that it becomes unavailable to the opposition. Diligent searchers can find anything. If you regret a post and delete it from your feed, attorneys can still find it and submit it as evidence.

Social media posts can only hurt your case. Never mention your legal issues, no matter what they are, on your socials.