Impacts of alcohol abuse for college students

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2022 | Criminal Defense

College students in Ohio and elsewhere tend to have frequent access to alcoholic drinks. This can lead to negative consequences such as poor study habits and even health issues associated with binge drinking.

Sometimes these encounters with alcohol lead to legal complications with DUIs and other offenses.

More likely to commit criminal offenses

Information from the Alcohol Rehab Guide emphasizes that students under the influence of alcohol often behave in unusual ways, and this sometimes leads to criminal behavior. This could take the form of vandalism, property damage, assault and other actions. Intoxicated students could face legal jeopardy in the form of fines, probation and even jail time.

With a DUI, the student could face monetary damages as well as a license suspension. A serious offense involving an accident could make it difficult for the student to continue with his or her studies.

Additional problems

In situations of alcohol abuse, students face an increased risk of injury. Every year college students with a high blood alcohol count experience serious injuries such as broken bones, sprains, concussions and lacerations. Increased alcohol consumption also correlates closely with reduced performance in class. About 25 percent of college students admit to alcohol use negatively affecting grades.

Because alcohol use tends to lower inhibitions, many students find themselves in compromising situations after too much drink. This can lead to physical or sexual assaults, both coming from a student and upon a student. Victims of assault often suffer from depression and physical harm.

While many students handle alcohol responsibly, others find it leads to trouble, including drinking and driving. College students should watch their alcohol intake to avoid legal complications.