How can symptoms of diabetes appear to be drunkenness?

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2022 | Criminal Defense

It can be a confusing and frustrating moment when a police officer pulls you over and writes you up for DUI even though you have not consumed any alcoholic drinks recently. It is possible that you have a health condition that made you appear to be under the influence, such as diabetes.

People with diabetes may experience a low level of sugar glucose. The Mayo Clinic explains that this state can result in hypoglycemia. Depending on the severity of your hypoglycemia, some of your body functions could become impaired.

The impact of moderate symptoms

Some early signs of hypoglycemia include having a pale look, sweating, nausea, fatigue, and shaking. Initial hypoglycemia can also interfere with concentration.

If you are behind the wheel, such symptoms could make you drift out of a lane or forget to turn on headlights at night. Erratic driving or failing to observe traffic signs might draw the attention of a police officer. A pale complexion and dizziness created by hypoglycemia may also cause you to appear drunk if you have to get out of the vehicle and take a walk and turn test.

The impact of stronger symptoms

Hypoglycemia that progresses into a worse state can produce stronger symptoms that imitate a drunken state. You may have tunnel vision or the world appears blurry to you. You could feel so fatigued that you nearly fall asleep. Strong hypoglycemia can also blur your speech, put you in a state of confusion, and dilute your coordination.

A proper diagnosis could be imperative

Hypoglycemia is a serious condition that might create seizures or even unconsciousness. Having a doctor examine you may help you understand what you need to control your condition as well as show that you have not intentionally impaired your body with alcohol if you have to deal with a DUI charge.