Can pocket change help you avoid a DUI arrest?

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2023 | Criminal Defense

As you probably know, Ohio is not the place to drive under the influence of alcohol or anything else. In fact, according to state law, a DUI conviction can come with hefty fines, the loss of driving privileges and potentially even incarceration.

You are not going to receive a DUI conviction based on a hunch or whim. If you fail a DUI breath test, though, prosecutors are going to have good evidence to use against you. Unfortunately, regardless of what your friends might tell you, the pocket change in your car cannot help you avoid a DUI arrest.

What is the pocket change myth?

Like other drivers, you probably have loose change in your car’s center console or cupholders. Some drivers believe that putting a quarter, penny, dine or nickel in your mouth can trick a DUI breath test. This is not true, however. Indeed, because a breath test calculates the amount of alcohol in your system, coins in your mouth do not affect its results.

Why is the pocket change myth dangerous?

You should not believe the pocket change myth for a few reasons. First, because of their small size, coins can be a choking hazard. Second, pocket change tends to be filthy, potentially exposing you to illness. Third, and perhaps most important, putting coins in your mouth can raise the suspicion of officers. This is because most officers have heard about the coin tactic.

Ultimately, rather than risking your health and exposing yourself to greater certainty, you should consider exercising your fundamental legal rights during any DUI stop.