Your Rights Do Not Disappear When Police Accuse You Of Committing A Crime

When a police officer walks up, it is an automatic escalation of the situation, no matter what is happening. If the officer accuses you of criminal activity or arrests you, your life may be about to change radically. A conviction can mean significant jail time, hundreds of dollars in fees and fines, and a slew of personal and financial consequences you likely have not considered.

Haas & Haas Law is home to passionate and dedicated attorneys with 50 combined years of experience. Our team works diligently to protect your rights and craft reliable and personalized defense strategies. They do not permit the police or prosecutors to infringe upon your rights. Speak to our attorneys about your situation at 513-640-2757.

Protecting Your Freedoms In Felony Cases

We are trial-ready and understand the nuances of creating a jury-ready case. We highlight exonerating evidence and the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case during complex, emotionally evocative federal-level and felony cases involving crimes like:

We also assist individuals seeking expungements and other post-conviction assistance.

Effective Advocacy For Misdemeanor Allegations

Our firm also provides strong advocacy for people facing misdemeanor cases, including drunk driving allegations, theft and shoplifting, and other charges. We work every day to craft one-of-a-kind defense strategies. Our work also includes defense for juveniles.

The Sooner You Call, The More We Can Do

Before you speak to the police or do anything further, call us at 513-640-2757. Time is of the essence, and the stakes are very high. Email us immediately.