A DUI Arrest Is Not The Same As A Conviction

While the police would have you believe otherwise, a DUI arrest does not mean an automatic conviction. Unlike many traffic violations, a DUI comes with very severe consequences and warrants a full and complete defense. You can challenge drunk driving allegations and win, preserving your rights, reputation, record and driver’s license.

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What Happens After A Conviction?

Depending on your criminal record, a drunk driving arrest can lead to:

  • Months or years in jail
  • Over $1,000 in punitive fines
  • Thousands of dollars in court fees
  • Extensive community service and therapy mandates
  • Loss of your license, including permanent revocation

Too many people think that if the police pull you out of a car for a sobriety test, there is nothing you can do. But sobriety testing is inaccurate, unreliable and highly prone to bias. Even the most “scientific” testing, such as breath tests, can be thrown off by many commonplace medical issues, like acid reflux.

Your Next Step Should Be To Call An Attorney

In an ideal world, you hire as experienced an attorney as possible as quickly as possible. The more time and experience that are on your side, the more power you have to dispute any charges against you. Our attorneys have 50 combined years of criminal defense experience. Reach our Cincinnati office by calling 513-640-2757 or contacting us online.