What Happens During And After A Conviction: Expungement And Civil Forfeiture

While many people understand the general process involved with a criminal trial, there are a host of other tangential legal issues to address when facing criminal accusations. Most notably, accused persons must deal with complex civil forfeiture proceedings and post-conviction expungement petitions. A successful petition can be the difference between a stable life and hardship.

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Two often overlooked legal issues are civil forfeiture and expungement. These take place outside the regular criminal court system and involve either your fundamental rights or often significant pieces of property. For instance:

  • Through civil forfeiture, the police may have a claim to your home or car, meaning that they can seize your property when it was used in a crime and sell that property to benefit the police department.
  • Through expungement, you can regain many of your fundamental rights like the right to vote or to own a firearm. You can also remove a conviction from your record, impacting things like housing or job applications.

Fighting civil forfeiture proceedings or to regain your rights through expungement is rarely easy. There are complicated regulations and strict deadlines that make working with an attorney a necessary thing for most people.

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