Diligent, Fierce Defense For Federal Crimes

When a crime takes place in multiple states, either physically or online, or when the crime is incredibly serious, the federal government steps in. When this happens, your freedoms are at greater risk than ever before. This is the time to pull out all the stops for your defense; otherwise, you may find yourself serving serious jail time with thousands of dollars in fines.

The attorneys at Haas & Haas Law are a father-son duo with nearly five combined decades of criminal defense experience. They understand what is at stake and the tactics that federal prosecutors use to get convictions. Most importantly, they stand up for our clients’ rights and help combat convictions and reduce sentences. Come to our Cincinnati office for a free consultation.

Why Are Federal Crimes More Serious Than State Crimes?

A federal conviction means prison time, and the federal prosecutors will only bring a case they feel certain that they can win. For instance, federal allegations include:

Federal crimes mean federal-level investigations with all the resources that entails for the prosecutors. The federal government pursues felonies, not misdemeanors, which means that a conviction will involve over a year in prison.

We Craft Custom Defense Strategies With Passion

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