Defending Your Reputation And Your Freedom From Sex Crime Allegations

Relationships are complicated, and the reality is that supposed sex crimes often reflect that fact. They can have a devastating impact on your life, all based on circumstantial evidence, implication and one person’s testimony.

At Haas & Haas Law, our attorneys have spent decades working in criminal defense and have seen virtually every type of allegation. They understand the impact your case will have on your life. Most importantly, they understand how to mitigate its effects. Speak to our Ohio-based team about your case at a free appointment: 513-640-2757.

The Lasting Cost Of A Sex Crime Conviction

“Sex offender registry” is the three word phrase that puts a chill in most people’s bones. Not only does it mean a lifetime of surveillance and disclosures, but it also can put an end to people’s futures in one fell stroke. You may be included on this list if you are found guilty of:

  • Sexual assault or rape
  • Statutory rape
  • Solicitation or prostitution
  • Sex acts with a minor
  • Downloading child pornography

For those who manage to avoid the registry, even a not guilty verdict can lead to serious consequences under Title IX provisions, such as loss of tenure or scholarship, ineligibility to receive federal loans for your education or expulsion.

Champions In The Courtroom

Our team works extensively with forensic experts and other professionals to truly interrogate the evidence and demonstrate the doubt in your case. We anticipate many of the prosecution’s strategies and craft a responsive, customized case that protects your rights. Email our Cincinnati office today.